Embrace Your Inner Feminine Essence to Increase Your Attraction Factor

Embrace Your Feminine Essence
To Attract a Conscious Sexy Man

Does This Sound Like You?


Are you single?

Do you have a secret longing for an amazing, loving relationship with a sexy conscious man?

Do you wonder if there are any good men left?

Do you pretend that you're okay being single because you have a great life - even without a man?

Do you feel like great relationships are for other women but not you?

Have you been hurt before? And now you're afraid to open up your heart again?


"Do you have that inner secret desire for a loving, intimate, sexy relationship with a conscious man?"


Your Invitation to Come on a Transformational Journey

Dear beautiful woman,

I know that the road to love has been hard, challenging and often painful. Perhaps, so painful that you have closed down your heart, and you no longer have much hope for having a loving, tender, and intimate relationship with a man.

Perhaps you look at your friends and wonder why they can have a relationship and you can't. And you wonder if there is something wrong with your.

Despite all this, I know that deep in your body and your heart, there is such a deep longing for a relationship that is loving, kind, supportive, and even sexy.

You may pretend that this is not what you want, but if you had a fairy godmother, and she could wave her magic wand and grant you one wish, it would be for you to find this person you can share each day with.

My invitation to you is to come on a journey of transformation and self-discovery, where you can open your heart to love and step into your powerful (and incredibly attractive) feminine presence.

Much Love,


What is the Attraction Factor?

A Journey Within Yourself


For the last 60 years or so, women have had to step more into their masculine to get things done, work, raise a family, and manage a fast paced lifestyle.

The cost of this is that so many of us have lost the connection to our essential, juicy, and gorgeous feminine essence.

When a woman steps into her feminine essence and stands fully in her power as a woman, her life can transform.

In The Attraction Factor, you will learn how to embrace and own your unique feminine essence. And when you do so, you will become more magnetic and attractive. You will attract more of what you heart desires.

This is a Transformational Program

here is what you can expect from the program



Clean Up Your Stuff

Clean up your relationship baggage so that you don't take it into your next relationship


Get Clarity

Get clear on the type of man you want to attract (and the type you definitely want to stay clear of)


Increase Your Confidence

Increase your self-confidence and esteem


Appreciate the Masculine

Gain a new appreciation of men and their masculine essence and learn how to make them treat you like a queen


Increase Your Magnetic Presence

Learn simple practices to make your immediately more magnetic


Own Your Feminine Power

Step into your powerful feminine essence so that you are more attractive to others

Who is this Program for?

This program is for you if:

  • If you really and long for a loving, sexy, intimate relationship.
  • You're tired of the dating scene and all the overthinking involved in relating to me.
  • You want to attract a man without having to play games or be manipulative.
  • You want to discover and embrace your powerful feminine essence.
  • You want to feel more beautiful.
  • You are excited and curious to see how increasing your feminine presence makes you more magnetic.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You want to stay single!
  • You don't want to put any effort into your own personal development.
  • You want to use games and manipulation to attract a man.

About Your Attraction Factor Facilitator


Ayesha Hilton

Attraction Factor Facilitator (among other things!)

Ayesha Hilton is a transformation facilitator, bestselling author, spiritual adventurer and mother of two! She created the Attraction Factor because she saw so many amazing women yearning for a fulfilling relationship with a sexy conscious man.  After studying and applying The Art of Feminine Presence and other teachings about the attraction between men and women, Ayesha realised that she could help women to embrace their feminine essence so that they could increase their ability to attract a loving, nurturing, tender, intimate relationship.


Increase your  magnetic presence with The Attraction Factor.

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